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An unofficial fan site of Marvel Comics vigilante vampire Blade. Get the latest Blade Trinity news & info on Blade movie sequels including Blade 2, 1 and Blade 3, otherwise known as Blade Trinity. Download awesome Blade pictures, Daywalker Wallpaper, Blade 3 trailer, DVD, Blade comics, Blade soundtrack, posters, and more!

Blade Movie News
Superman/Batman Team-up
Superman director Zack Snyder hints that he's talking with Chris Nolan about the The Dark Knight.

DEADPOOL Star Ryan Reynolds Covers GQ; Talks Return To CBMs, GREEN LANTERN, FF, & More
In a recent interview with GQ, Ryan Reynolds took a few minutes to share his thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from his upcoming film Deadpool, his return to superhero movies, his misstep with Green Lantern, the future of the Fantastic Four cast, and more! Come check it out!

RUMOR: Marvel's New BLADE Movie Will Focus On The Daywalker's Daughter
Though it's been delayed, Marvel has a new Blade comic in the works featuring the the original Daywalker's daughter, Fallon Grey. Now, a new rumor suggests that there is also another Blade movie planned, but it will focus on young Miss Grey and not her vamp-killing daddy...

COMICS: New Female BLADE Series Announced
Well, the Daywalker himself will also feature , but this new ongoing series from Tim Seeley and Logan Faerber will place the focus on his 16-year-old daughter, Fallon Grey. Check out the artwork that was featured today at the San Diego Comic Con "Women Of Marvel" panel.

Wesley Snipes Has Met With Marvel About Playing BLADE Again
The majority of fans loved Snipes as Blade, and have often wondered if there was any possibility the actor could reprise the role now that Marvel has control of the character. Turns out there most certainly is, though nothing is currently in development. More past the jump...

Wesley Snipes Looking To IRON MAN Robert Downey Jr. As Roadmap For Career Revival
A lot of folks will argue that 1998's Blade was the beginning of the current superhero film movement that's currently dominated by Marvel Studios. That makes it somewhat ironic that the actor who arguably started it all has now switched roles with his former, uninsurable co-star.

Wesley Snipes Shares His Thoughts On A Possible BLADE IV Movie
Wesley Snipes (who will next be seen in The Expendables 3) reveals that he would like to make a return as Blade in a fourth movie and says that he believes that there should be more African American superheroes on the big screen. Hit the jump to check it out...

EDITORIAL/FAN CAST: How Marvel Should Reintroduce BLADE Into Its Cinematic Universe
Although the movies weren't made by Marvel Studios, Blade was technically the first successful Marvel character to get his own movie franchise. It would make sense for them to revisit the "day walker" in Phase 3 or 4. Read on for my thoughts.

5 Films That May Prove Ryan Reynolds Is Not The Problem In His Comic Book Movies!
Is Ryan Reynolds the sole cause of failure in his comic book movies? I take a deeper look at his last Comic Book Films to find out.

BLADE, MS. MARVEL And Other Films In Development At Marvel Studios Writing Program
Blade, Ms. Marvel, The Runaways, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange...these were the names included in a recent report about films Marvel Studios has in development. If you want the skinny on where each of these films currently stands, continue on for a quick rundown.

David S. Goyer On The Possibility Of Returning To BLADE
We recently heard from the writer/director about the possibility of a Blade reboot from Disney/Marvel, and now he reveals whether or not he would be interested in working on the character again in the future.

David Goyer Talks BLADE Reboot, JGL in JUSTICE LEAGUE, And His MAGNETO Script
While promoting his new series on Starz, Da Vinciís Demons, David Goyer talked about the likelihood of a Blade reboot, says barley anything about whether Joseph Gordon-Levitt will appear in Justice League, and his work on a Magneto script that ultimately found its way into X-Men: First Class.

Wesley Snipes Attacked & Tried To Make Director David Goyer Quit BLADE: TRINITY
Comedian/actor Patton Oswalt shares some entertaining behind-the-scenes stories about the making of Blade: Trinity. Including stories about Wesley Snipes being stoned during most of filming.

EXCLUSIVE CLIP from Blade: The Animated Series DVD Shows Asiatic Vampires
CBM has been given a special opportunity to see behind-the-scenes on the Blade Animated Series DVD. In this clip, we learn about the blood-suckers of the Pacific that Blade battles...

BLADE ANIME's Harold Perrineau Would Love To Play The Character In Live Action
The former Lost actor voices Marvel's Vampire slayer in the new Anime on G4, but he reveals to Hero Complex that he would love to "get into the gym" and play Blade for real in another movie version..

New Clip And Screen Shots From BLADE ANIME
The Blade Anime series is set to premiere this Friday and to get ready for it Marvel has released a new clip and a couple of screen shots to give us a taste of things to come.

New Promo For BLADE ANIME Debuts
With Marvel's next anime series, Blade, scheduled to debut on G4 January 13th, a new action-packed promo for the show has been released. Check it out after the jump.

BLADE Anime To Debut January 13th On G4
Marvel has issued a press release revealing the air date for the final Marvel anime show, centering on Blade. In addition, two new screenshots and a banner for the series have been released.

Jailed Wesley Snipes Interested In Reprising The Role Of Blade; "Under The Right Circumstances"
Despite being in jail, actor Wesley Snipes has revealed that he'd like to return to the vampiric role, while also commenting on the importance of the Blade movies and what would convince him to play the character again...

Stephen Dorff Speaks Out Again On A Deacon Frost Movie and The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Actor Stephen Dorff in talking with io9, briefly spoke out on a Deacon Frost movie and described the Marvel Cinematic Universe as weird.

SDCC '11: Marvel Studios Have Regained Rights To Blade; Clip From Agent Coulson Short Shown!
Joe Quesada has confirmed that the studio have their hands back on Blade, as well as commenting on future Marvel Studios movies and showing off a clip from The Consultant featuring Agent Coulson and Thunderbolt Ross...

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